Daily UI

To keep my UI and Figma skills sharp, I've decided to participate in the Daily UI Challenge. Everyday (except weekends) I will receive and create a new UI Challenge, which I will then post here! I'm very excited to continue improving upon my skills and hope to see some improvement along the way. Let's get started!

100 Days of UI

Sign Up

Day 001 of 100 consisted of designing a sign-up screen. For my design, I decided to create a sign-up screen for a flower subscription service. I decided on an earthy but vibrant color palate to enhance brand development. I also chose fonts I believed complemented one another, but would still be soft and neutral in the overall design. I ensured touch targets were meeting minimum accessibility standards of 48x48 px and color contrast was WCAG Level AAA compliant. 

Day 001

Credit Card Checkout

For day 002 of 100, I was tasked with designing a credit card checkout screen. I wanted to add more context and substance to my design, so I went as far as designing the checkout process for a food delivery service. I used a very minimal approach to color and focused more on the content and how screens interact with one another when prototyped. I experimented with prototyping within a component set to make it look like typing. It was a fun experiment and one I will be using in the future for other Daily UI challenges!

Day 002